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Why It’s Important To Support Minority Banks

Have you ever asked: Why should I go out of my way to get a loan from a minority-owned bank, instead of a major bank?

Minority-Owned banks play a vital role in the U.S. economy. Many serve as a funding source for underserved and neglected communities of color. Unlike taking out a loan from a multinational bank, when you take out a loan from a minority-owned bank, it’s a contribution to the economic development of the community. These lenders provide small business loans, commercial real estate loans, mortgage loans, auto financing, personal loans and student-loan financing, while recycling money back into the community. In short, without this community investment, many minority communities would continue to be neglected, forcing their residents to move or suffer economic stagnation.

To keep minority-Owned banks in the business of reducing the wealth gap and community building, your financial support is needed. Your support goes directly to the promotion of banks that provide loans that invest in minority communities. Our organization promotes the interests of these banks through a variety of marketing efforts, including financial education, hosting special events, and promoting the importance of lending with minority-owned banks. This awareness results in the public’s understanding of the crucial role minority lending plays in community building.

Our promotions also outline the tremendous benefits of using minority-owned banks, including credit programs designed for underserved income and credit profiles, competitive interest rates, a community-banking philosophy, and a customer-service model based on benefiting individuals and building America’s Main Street. Individuals in need of capital to start a business benefit greatly from applying to minority-owned banks. Minority-owned banks cater to minority entrepreneurs because they focus on building the community more than increasing stock prices, so they offer programs better suited to small businesses. They also offer personalized service to all customers. Financial decisions have far-reaching consequences for many consumers. There are many loan products to choose from, and choosing the right service makes a substantial difference to minority families. Minority-owned banks take the time to work with their customers to help tailor the best solutions to fit their financial goals.  Help us make thinks better.

Many big banks exist on a business model where the money is reallocated to wealthy communities vs minority communities. Do you need a comparison/contrast example here? Think of minority-owned banks as members of your city council. They’re laser-focused on the development and needs of your neighborhood, not neighborhoods hundreds or thousands of miles from where you live. They recycle money back into the community with loans that help local businesses and households thrive. The community and bank grow together, creating a prosperous and dynamic economy. Without community-focused banks to recycle money, underserved areas fall into a vicious cycle and wither. By keeping funds in minority communities through minority-lending institutions, these communities continue to thrive for future generations.

Many minority-owned banks lack the capital to compete with big banking brands, even though many of their products and services are more beneficial to minority customers and communities alike.

In addition to financial support of your local bank, please make your friends and family aware of minority-lending institutions and the critical role they play in the community. Minority-banking institutions need deposits and loan applications. Their success is predicated on lending money back into the community, so it is essential that all minorities seek loans from the banks that invest in their communities and neighborhoods.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Your support will go toward promoting the use of minority-owned lending institutions whose mission is to bolster economic opportunities for underserved ethnic minorities. Your community investment will help grow a stronger America for future generations. Please help us spread the word.

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